Join the Party on a Mission Beach Vacation

Join the Party on a Mission Beach Vacation

Life has become very fast paced, and it seems to be more difficult to stop and take a break. On the few occasions each year where it is possible to take some time to unwind, it can be overwhelming to decide where to go and what to do. The guesswork can be taken out by making the wise decision to book a Mission Beach vacation. The sunny boardwalk beach town has activities and venues for all ages and for families as well. San Diego is known for consistently beautiful weather so anytime of year is great to visit the area.

Belmont Park

The Giant Dipper roller coaster is the highlight of this beachfront amusement park. The ride was built in 1925 and has been restored and maintained over the years to be enjoyed by several generations of park goers. There are several other rides in the park along with miniature golf and laser tag. There is also an exciting and challenging rock climbing wall, and an escape room activity that is sure to be memorable. The park offers excellent food and oceanfront views to round out the experience.

SeaWorld San Diego

If the rides at Belmont Park aren’t enough, a visit to SeaWorld will allow visitors to climb aboard a few more rides that were inspired by the ocean. The main attractions in this park are the marine animals. The Orca Encounter is one of the signature activities in the park. Visitors can get an up close and personal look at the creatures while seeing their story come to life on an expansive infinity screen. The Dolphin Encounter is a must see activity for families where they will get to meet, feed and learn how to communicate with these amazing animals.

Outdoor Fun

The Mission Beach area also holds many outstanding outdoor activities to participate in. Taking on the surf with a boogie board can be great fun, and a great way to experience being in the ocean. There are many sand volleyball courts for people searching for some friendly competition. There are also many guides and fisherman along the beach that would love to take people sport fishing or whale watching. Mission Beach is a place to unwind, enjoy the beauty of the ocean and the sun, and get a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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