How to Achieve Maximum Success with Awards

How to Achieve Maximum Success with Awards

The Beneficial Significance of a Sports Trophy

There is much weight about winning a sports trophy, whether the competition is a team effort or an individual one, because winning is not only about good team play or unbeatable strategy of an individual player, but what matters most is the recognition afforded to the rightful winner. Getting a trophy does not only accord the greatest award to the winner but that receiving one brings out a psychological effect on the recipient. A sports trophy recognizes the effort invested by a team or player including the successful process of winning the game, so much so that the award will ingrain in them with a commitment to aspire to win more. The positive effect of the significance of a trophy is not just being rubbed on the winners, but that even the non-winning players can effect in them the idea of being motivated to aspire better in future competitions.

Recognizing these beneficial effects of a trophy to any sports competitor, it is but important that the awards committee should also put in effort to recognize the winner with a quality trophy, one that is lasting and well-designed. Therefore, the following factors are to be considered in producing a rightful trophy: weight, detail, size, material, and age of recipient. Weight and size of a trophy must be such that it is of the right heaviness to hold and big enough to show pride for all the efforts invested by the winner. Resin cast in dark gold finish is a good trophy material but the top of the line in the trophy-making industry is made of glass or crystal and, of course, this cost more than the ordinary ones. The glass trophies can be hand or machine-produced and are categorized as jade edged glass, which is the more pricey one, and the soda glass. Crystal trophies are outstanding to look at and they come in the variety of 24% lead and optical crystal, both of which can be hand or machine made. What makes for a unique trophy is the details in the design, especially if these details are customized to fit in the kind of competition that is being played. Trophies are accorded with age, so that in a kids competition, the trophy design must look creative and fun to hold, while in a professional competition, the kind of trophies must be pricey and of classic design. The last point of consideration, too, is the engraving which can be performed using any of the following: manual, computerized, lathing, pillar drills, and circular saw. For a more put up engraving and fast, the computerized process is the more adaptable method compared to the manual procedure, as this takes longer to finish the task.

The Beginners Guide To Trophies (Finding The Starting Point)

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